When it comes to cake, you can find words like amazing, amazing and wonderful with the names of many types of cake, but with Russian honey cake, these words really mean the literal meaning of the word and may not give it its due. . , as it is a unique cake rich in all flavors ... and you can taste and judge for yourself!

Created by Michelle Polzine, chef and owner of San Francisco’s 20th Century Cafe, this amazing cake has already made a place in cookbooks, in the minds of tourists and in the hearts of cake lovers around the world, and it’s especially popular in Eastern Europe. .

Secrets and notes of the Russian honey cake Medovik Torte

Secrets and notes of the Russian honey cake Medovik Torte

The honey cake is made up of layers of soft cake separated by a delicious cream, and everything is rich in the taste of caramelized honey ... I don’t think there’s anything so wonderful!

  • The delicious layered cake consisting of 10 soft, crunchy layers tastes like a cookie with a little cinnamon and honey.
  • Soft whipped cream that notes a little salt and bitterness, balancing the sweet taste of caramelized honey.
  • Flavors mix with each other during the hours the cake is stored in the fridge and become a softer texture that melts in your mouth.
  • The shape and design of the amazing honey cake that is unlike any other golden layer cake separated by a delicious cream.

The secret of Russian honey cake

The secret of the amazing honey cake lies in two very simple and important things:

  • The cake layers are transformed from a fragile cake to a soft cake with a lighter weight due to the amount of butter that is added to the mixture.
  • Caramelized honey, which is added to both the cake and cream mixture, and this not only gives the cake a stronger honey flavor, but also gives it a mixture of sweetness, bitterness and bitterness. flavors are usually achieved by adding acidic cooking. caramel cream made from condensed milk, but here in this cake you will not need to add this sour cream to the condensed milk caramel.

Some important notes

  • This cake can be a project that takes a long time 3 hours to prepare as well as leaving it for a few hours or a whole night in the fridge, but the fruit of your work you will find once you taste the splendor of this cake. that you’ve prepared, but you don’t have to do all the steps in one day. You can split the work and prepare the cake layers on the first day, leave them in the fridge, and then complete the steps the next day.
  • The steps start with the cream of honey (caramel) and this is done by cooking the honey over low heat until its color changes from golden to light brown.

The steps begin with the cream of honey (caramel).

  • Take a quarter cup of the caramelized honey mixture and beat with honey (not caramelized), butter and sugar well and then put in the water bath until the butter melts (the bowl of the mixture is put on a bowl containing boiling water).

Take the caramelized honey mixture and mix well with honey (not caramelized) and butter, and then melt the butter.

  • This mixture of caramel and butter is hot then add the eggs and beat well and then add the cinnamon, baking soda and salt.

This candy and butter is hot when you add the eggs to the honey cake

  • You can then add the sifted flour in 3 stages to finally get a smooth, thick mixture.

Add the sifted flour to the honey cake

  • Do you have silicone cake decorations? If you don’t have any, you can rely on the butter slices.

Silicone layers

  • You need to spread the mixture so that you get 11 circles of one size, these layers cook very quickly, you only need about 5-7 minutes for them to turn golden.

The layers bake the honey cake very quickly

  • And if any of them have irregular edges, you just need to adjust the outline, but don’t throw away the edges you cut out, we’ll use them.

Any of them had irregular edges

  • We proceed to the preparation of the cream once the layers of cake are finished, beating the remaining caramelized honey with a cup of thick cream in addition to salt, and leaving it in the fridge for half an hour during which you can rest.

To prepare the cream after you have finished the layers of cake

  • Then take it out and add the rest of the thick cream and beat again to get the perfect soft cream texture.

Add the rest of the thick cream

  • Finally, you need to apply the layers of cake with a good amount of cream between them and then spread the rest of the cream over the edges and surface.

Apply layers of cake with a good amount of honey cake cream

  • But we will not leave it like that! Remember the cake crumbs you got when you modified the circles? Now you have to grind it with a food processor and spread it on the cake so that it covers it from the outside.

We will not leave it like this!  Remember the crumbs on the cake

  • The job is done and the rest of the work is not yours but that of the fridge, so let the cake sleep in the fridge for an entire night.

The rest of the work is not your job

  • As for the decoration of the cake, it's up to you, you can only leave it with the cream. You can also spread a few nuts and honey, and in general, with eating it, you can add more honey to each piece. serving dishes.

Decorate the cake, it's up to you, you can make honey cake

Ingredients and steps for the Russian honey cake Medovik Torte

The amazing Russian honey cake Medovik Torte that you will never taste

Note: You can divide the work into several days to prepare the mixture and layers of the cake in one day and complete the rest the next day and leave the cake in the fridge for one day, so the work will be divided into two. days and you won’t feel it.

Prepare all the ingredients you need and make sure you follow the steps below in the correct order and get ready for an appointment with a cake rich in delicious honey and the characteristic golden color.

the ingredients

Caramelized honey ingredients

  • Honey - three quarters of a cup (255 grams).
  • Water - 1/4 cup (57 milliliters).

Cake layer ingredients

  • Caramelized honey - a quarter cup.
  • Honey - three quarters of a cup (255 grams).
  • White icing sugar - 1 cup and 2 tbsp (227 grams)
  • Soft, salt-free butter, cut into small cubes - 14 tablespoons (199 grams)
  • eggs - 6 pieces.
  • Baking soda - 3 teaspoons.
  • Salt - a pinch (three-quarters of a teaspoon).
  • Ground cinnamon - a teaspoon.
  • White flour - 3 cups and three quarters of a cup (454 grams)

cream ingredients

  • Caramelized honey - the remaining amount (three-quarters cup).
  • Sweetened condensed milk (you can rely on cream) - a cup and a quarter (a 380 gram can).
  • Salt - a small pinch (half a teaspoon).
  • Thick cream, well assembled and cooled - 5 cups (1.12 liters)


First stage: oven and molds

  • Preheat the oven to 180 ° C after placing the griddle in the middle.
  • Prepare 3 or more silicone sheets for the oven or several baking trays or molds with parchment paper.

The second stage - honey candy

The second stage - honey caramel honey cake

  • In a saucepan over low heat, add the honey, then raise the heat to medium, stirring occasionally.
  • Continue doing this until the honey changes from light golden to light brown (dark golden), this may take about 3 minutes.
  • Remove the honey from the heat, add the water, mix well and set aside.

The third stage - prepare the layers of cake

The third stage: prepare the layers of the cake, the honey cake

  • You need to fill a suitable pot with water and put it on the fire so that it starts to boil and the steam rises.
  • In another bowl (can be placed on top of the bowl of water) add each of the designated amount of honey for the cake with a quarter cup of caramelized honey in addition to butter and sugar, and place this bowl on top of the bowl of water so that the boiling water from the bowl does not touch the bottom of the bowl of ingredients placed on top of it, and stir these Slowly mix the ingredients until the butter melts.
  • In another small bowl, break the eggs and add the baking soda with both salt and cinnamon. When the butter and honey mixture is hot, add the egg mixture and beat for about 30 seconds.
  • It will start to form foam in the mixture and give off an odor that may seem strange to you but don’t worry because you are on the right track, then take it out of the fire and let it cool a bit and just get warm again.
  • Gradually add the flour to the above mixture without stopping to stir, and this can be easier when the mixture is hot, so you can work it while you put the bowl in the oven.
  • Spread the cake mixture on the silicone sheets or baking trays with the butter sheets in equal circles, then bake in the oven for 6-7 minutes until golden, then remove and let cool. and repeat the process the remaining amount of cake so that in the end you get 10-11 layers.
  • Wait until the cake layers have cooled, then make sure they are round by cutting out any leftovers and warped edges, preserving the excess cake.

Fourth stage: honey cream

Fourth stage: honey cream honey cake

  • Put the rest of the caramelized honey, sweetened condensed milk and salt in a suitable bowl and beat these ingredients until a homogeneous mixture.
  • Add a cup of thick cream, mix well and leave the mixture in the fridge for half an hour.
  • Remove from the fridge and add the remaining 4 cups of cream and beat on high speed for 5-6 minutes until you get a soft, high consistency that looks like cream.

The last stage - Russian honey cake

The last stage - Russian honey cake

  • Place a layer of layers of cake in the center of the dish suitable for serving.
  • Add a cup of cream and spread with a flat or normal spoon.
  • Repeat the process so that you put all the layers of cake and cream, but leaving an amount of cream for the outer surface of the cake.
  • Cover the cake completely with the rest of the cream.
  • We will not leave the sides of the cake like this, but we will work to cover it relying on the remains of the cake after gently crumbling it, spreading it on the sides and pressing it well.
  • Let the cake sleep in the fridge overnight, so you can enjoy its wonderful flavor the next day.

Thus ended the method of making Russian honey cake ... In fact, it may take many steps and hours, but it is worth it, as there is no other similar cake and the assumption of eating a cake like it will not. repeat.

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The amazing Russian honey cake Medovik Torte that you will never taste


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