A breakfast, lunch, rich dinner or a main course accompanied by the main course, especially during Ramadan. All in all, the chickpea fat method is a way to prepare the most delicious recipe that fits every moment. Whenever you want to eat a full meal, you just have to trust it.

How does this chickpea fat work? And what components do you need? And what are the important notes that guarantee your success, or through which you can get a different delicious fattah dish, and what about the garnishes? Here is everything below.

Ingredients Hummus Fatteh

  • 2 cups boiled love chickpeas.
  • A cup of water to heat the chickpeas.
  • 5 cups chickpea flour with tahini.
  • 3 cups cottage cheese (yogurt).
  • 5-6 loaves of bread (small or medium sizes).
  • 2-3 tablespoons of ghee.
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice.
  • A quarter cup of tahini.
  • the salt.
  • latency.
  • Soft hot pepper.

How to make chickpea fat

How to make chickpea fat

Preparing the bread for the gesture

  • The first step is to prepare the bread by cutting it into squares of the same size as possible (for this you can use scissors).
  • Sprinkle the bread with a little butter (sprinkler) or spread a little melted butter or a little oil in it.
  • Put the sliced ​​bread on the baking tray and toast for a few minutes.

How to make fatteh sauce

  • In a bowl of suitable size, place the yogurt first, then the ground chickpeas, plus each of the lemon juice, tahini and a pinch of salt.
  • Beat the ingredients with a hand mixer until smooth and homogeneous.

How to make chickpea fat

  • Heat the boiled chickpeas a little by putting them on medium heat with a cup of water, then remove from the heat.
  • In a large bowl, first put the toast, then add the chickpeas with water, and stir well until you get a good distribution of both the bread and the chickpeas.
  • We add the fattah sauce, leaving a small amount for the end, and stir well the chickpeas, bread and the added sauce, and then we add the rest of the sauce to the face of the bowl and try to stretch it so that we get a flat final shape. .
  • Meanwhile, simmer the fat until melted.
  • Distribute a little chickpea in the center of the fattah bowl, and then decorate the dish with a little cumin and hot pepper, and you can add a few pieces of toast.
  • At the end, we remove the fat from the fire and spread it directly on the fat with great care, so that the method of making chickpea fat ends.


The method of making chickpea fat is not done without the garnishes that are eaten, which bring a lot of splendor to the main course, and these dishes are:

  • Pickles of all kinds are cut properly.
  • A plate of chopped vegetables: cucumbers - tomatoes - carrots and any other type.
  • Green or black olives.

Notes and ideas of hummus gestures

Notes and ideas of hummus gestures

  • You can add a quantity of garlic, about 3 large crushed, to the fattah sauce.
  • You can fry the sliced ​​bread in oil normally to get a distinctive flavor and crunchy texture for the bread.
  • You can adjust the amount of ingredients added in the preparation of the sauce according to your taste and preference, you can add more chickpeas or tahini for a stronger flavor or add more yogurt for a smooth texture, and the salt is determined by trying the mixture.
  • You cannot add tahini to the sauce and only use the amount added during the preparation of the ground chickpeas.
  • Chickpea water cannot be added if you want to preserve the texture of the crispy bread, as the function of water is to give softness to the bread.
  • You can add the nuts you prefer, and this is done by chopping the selected nuts and then adding them to the fat over low heat and stirring a bit, and then pouring it over the fattah.
  • If you want to eat it completely hot, you can prepare the fattah in a heat-resistant container and let it cook over low heat for a few minutes before serving.

That was how to make chickpea fat with ghee, and you? Are you going to prepare it? Share with us the result, method, ingredients you used and what previous notes you used.

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How to make chickpea fat ... Simple ingredients and steps with important notes


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