In case you want to prepare a delicious, healthy, easy and quick dessert, the most wonderful dish is the one you have to choose, which is a cold dessert with cookies, that is, the cold cake.

cold cake; Cold desserts, quick and easy to prepare, no need to bake in the oven, with nutritious and light ingredients, healthy; It contains no fats such as butter or oil, is served cold with tea, and originated in Britain, but spread widely.

cold cake ingredients

  • 2 packs of simple tea cookies.
  • Whipped cream envelope, of any taste (chocolate or vanilla).
  • Sweetened condensed milk.
  • A small packet of cream (as desired).
  • Cocoa powder, sweetened to garnish.
  • Several pieces of fruit (strawberries or berries).
  • A box of canned fruit, or fresh fruit.
  • A tablespoon of any natural juice.
  • A bag of local cocoa.

Preparing the ingredients for a cold dessert recipe with pictures

the filling

Cut the fruit into small pieces, mix it with a tablespoon of concentrated natural juice, and leave it in the fridge until the rest of the ingredients are ready.

Filling a cold dessert recipe with pictures


We beat the cream with the condensed milk and the cream at high speed in the electric mixer, until the cream rises and we get a light texture.

Preparing a cold dessert cream with pictures

for cookies

Dissolve the sweetened cocoa sachet in a quantity of cold water so that the consistency is a little heavy.

Prepare a cold dessert cookie with pictures 2

How to prepare a cold dessert with pictures (cold cake)

  • We take the filling and cream out of the fridge, and put all the ingredients close together, in a clean and comfortable place for movement.
  • In a rectangular shape, and without smearing it with oil or butter, we will start the work.
  • Put the cookie pieces in a layer; After each piece of cookie is put in cocoa until saturated, keeping its shape without breaking.
  • Cover the first layer of cookies with a piece of whipped cream with condensed milk and cream, and flatten the layer with a clean knife.

How to prepare a cold dessert with pictures (cold cake)

  • Put an amount of the filling and spread it evenly over the entire layer of cream.

Cover the fruit with a very thin layer of cream

  • Cover the fruit with a very thin layer of cream.
  • Place a second layer of cocoa-impregnated cookies.

A second layer of cookies

  • Cover the layer of cookies with a quantity of cream and level it with a knife.
  • Put the rest of the fruit in the filling and spread it all over the cream layer.
  • last layer; It is preferable that the last layer be of biscuits and all the rest of cream with its settlement, as in the preceding layers, but without fruit; In order to obtain a flat surface of the mold.
  • Cut the strawberries into slices.
  • Put slices of strawberry or berry on the face of the mold in a very nice way.

Strawberry slices

  • Sprinkle with a quantity of sweetened cocoa, as a last step to prepare the cold cake.
  • Keep in the fridge for several hours before serving.

Notes on the cold dessert recipe

  • Any type of light cookie can be used.
  • The number of layers can be increased as desired and the height of the mold.
  • One type of fruit can be used.
  • The cream cannot be used; The cake becomes lighter and healthier.
  • The last layer (the face of the mold) can be a layer of filling without covering it with cream.

There is no concrete way or form of preparing a cold cake, everyone has their own way of preparing and decorating this dish, and any idea that can be added to a cold cake can make it a more delicious and delicious dish, already that there are no two cakes. they are completely identical.

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Quick and easy cold dessert with pictures - cold cake


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