It’s a delicious chocolate cake, but why do I think something is missing? Why do I have the feeling that something will make it tastier? Of course, it is true that it is a chocolate cake sauce that is exactly what is missing from every chocolate cake, so you should never have it without it.

What are the most delicious chocolate sauce cake recipes and how to prepare them in the right way? Here is the answer through 4 amazing easy and delicious recipes to prepare the most delicious sauce with chocolate cake and all kinds of cakes and cupcakes.

4 - Chocolate Cake Sauce - Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Cake Sauce - Caramel Sauce

Sauce ingredients

  • A cup of fine white sugar, you can also rely on brown sugar (to taste), which is equivalent to 210 grams of it.
  • Half a cup of water or 125 milliliters of it.
  • Three-quarters of a cup of soft, unsalted butter, or 75 grams of it.
  • ½ 135 g cream cup (contains 3/4 of the fat and you can choose the type you prefer).

How to Make Chocolate Sauce for Cake |

  • In a suitable bowl, put water with sugar, and then put this pot on low heat until the mixture begins to boil, then wait until the mixture is caramelized and brown or gold and the texture is make it thicker (it may take a while and you need to keep an eye on the mixture on the fire).
  • When the mixture is thick and golden in color, remove from the heat and add the soft butter and stir until completely melted.
  • Finally, add the thick cream and stir well the whole mixture until you get a smooth and homogeneous texture, then wait for the mixture to cool and so the chocolate cake sauce is ready.

3 - Chocolate cake sauce - White chocolate sauce

Chocolate Cake Sauce - White Chocolate Sauce

Sauce ingredients

  • Three-quarters cup of cream.
  • A cup of white chocolate.
  • A teaspoon of vanilla.

How to Make Chocolate Sauce for Cake |

  • Put the thick cream in a suitable pot over medium heat and wait until it starts to boil.
  • During this time, the chocolate is cut into soft parts if you rely on a chocolate bar, or you can use chocolate chips, which are small in size, and put in a suitable large bowl.
  • We remove the thick cream from the heat and pour it directly over the soft white chocolate and start stirring until all the pieces of chocolate have melted.
  • Add the vanilla, stir a little, and the white chocolate sauce is ready.

2 - Chocolate Cake Sauce - Orange Sauce

Chocolate sauce for cake - orange sauce

Sauce ingredients

  • 2 teaspoons butter.
  • Amount of orange juice according to the desired texture.
  • White or brown sugar (fine gloss sugar must be used) Quantity according to the desired consistency.

How to Make Chocolate Sauce for Cake |

  • The first step is to sift the sugar to make sure it is completely smooth and most importantly without lumps and to get air between the granules.
  • Beat the sugar and butter with a high speed electric mixer until smooth.
  • Now, in a suitable large bowl, we put the sifted sugar and little by little we add the juice with a continuous mixer and repeat the process until we get the consistency of a thick sauce.
  • If the quantities are added incorrectly, the problem can be corrected by:
    • If the orange sauce is thick, just add more lemon juice while beating.
    • If the consistency of the sauce is liquid, you can add a little sugar while whisking until the consistency starts to freeze slowly until you get the desired shape.

1 - Chocolate cake sauce - chocolate with water

Chocolate Cake Sauce - Chocolate and Syrup Sauce

Sauce ingredients

  • 250 grams of chocolate (any chocolate bar was milk chocolate, sweet chocolate or dark chocolate for you to choose according to your preferences).
  • To prepare a thick sauce, similar to a cream, we will need half the amount of water, ie 125 milliliters, while to prepare the liquid sauce we increase the amount as we want.
  • A tablespoon of Nescafé to flavor (can't be added).
  • If you adopt dark chocolate (no sugar), you can add orange-flavored soda because it is rich in sugars, and you can add more sugar to get the desired flavor.

How to Make Chocolate Sauce for Cake |

  • The chocolate is cut into soft parts and placed on a suitable plate, then we add water and Nescafé, and now you can choose between the following two methods:
    • We dissolve the chocolate in the bain marie by putting a large amount of water in a large plate on the fire, and then putting the bowl of chocolate and water on top, as long as it does not touch the water, and we start with constant. stirring until the chocolate melts completely.
    • We melt the chocolate in the microwave by putting the mixture in a suitable dish and putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds, stirring it, and also turning it again for 10 seconds until we achieve the desired consistency.
  • The sauce is put on a suitable plate and so it is ready.
  • When adopting dark chocolate with soda or any sugar-rich juice, you need to rely on the microwave and control the texture of the sauce for the amount of water added.

That’s how the chocolate cake sauce recipes ended ... which ones do you start with? What was the most delicious for you? And can’t you really eat chocolate cake without one of the sauce recipes?

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