Are you looking for a way to make a delicious and beautiful cake, like the one on display at the most luxurious, best and most famous pastry shop? Of course yes, and I would like to tell you that you can make a nicer and tastier cake than you might expect.

Just read how to make the cake in the following recipes and the simple and distinctive steps to beautify the cake.

How to Make a Wedding Cake |

How to Make a Wedding Bow Cake |

The wedding cake is one of the most important preparations for joy, and the recipe is very easy.

the ingredients

Cake ingredients

  • 2 cups flour.
  • 5-2 cups sugar.
  • 1 cup cocoa powder (preferably sweetened)
  • 2 eggs.
  • Half a cup of vegetable oil.
  • Half a cup of milk.
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder.
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla.

Chocolate sauce ingredients

  • 2 cups raw dark chocolate.
  • 5 cups thick cream.
  • 2 tablespoons liquid vanilla.

ingredients of sugar paste

  • 2 cups icing sugar.
  • 2 tablespoons rose water or flower water.
  • Half a cup of starch.
  • Half a cup of honey.
  • Food coloring of different colors to paint sugar paste.

How to prepare

How to make a cake

  • The first step
    • Mix half the amount of liquid milk (equivalent to a quarter cup of milk), with cocoa powder and half a vegetable oil (equivalent to a quarter cup); This is done in a suitable saucepan and over low heat, stirring constantly, until we get a consistency similar to that of melted chocolate, or a little lighter, when you have to remove the pot from the heat.
    • It should be allowed to cool slightly before use.
  • The second step
    • Mix all the yeast well with the flour, and then sift the mixture; In order to introduce air between the grains of flour.
  • The third step
    • In a bowl of the right size, mix the sugar, remaining milk, and remaining oil, with the eggs and vanilla; This is done with a manual mixer or an electric mixer, and we continue beating until we get a homogeneous and smooth texture.
  • The fourth step
    • The chocolate sauce is added after it has cooled in the egg mixture with the rest of the ingredients (it must be cold because the mixture contains the eggs), and beat them until they are completely superimposed.
  • Fifth step
    • This step is done during continuous mixing, which is to add the flour mixture with the sifted yeast, to the mixture resulting in the previous step; The addition is gradual, without stopping to beat, until the amount of flour is finished.
  • Six passes
    • Choose a suitable cake mold or two of small size, then grease the mold with a quantity of melted butter or oil, and you can sprinkle some flour.
    • After spreading the mold, the cake mixture is placed and distributed in the mold.
  • Seventh step
    • Preheat the oven to a temperature of 180-190 degrees Celsius.
    • Bake the cake on the central rack of the oven.
    • Cooking is done in 35-45 minutes; That is, until the cake swells.
    • The cake is checked if it is ready with a wooden stick.
  • Eight steps
    • Let the cake cool before removing it from the mold, during which time the chocolate sauce and sugar paste are prepared.

How to prepare chocolate sauce

  • The first step
    • In a suitable bowl, heat the thick cream over low heat, stirring constantly.
  • The second step
    • Cut the raw dark chocolate into small pieces.
    • Add the pieces of dark chocolate to the cream when it boils.
    • remove the pot from the heat; Continue stirring until the chocolate melts.
  • The third step
    • We add the vanilla, and continue stirring, until we get a homogeneous and smooth texture.
  • The fourth step
    • Let the chocolate sauce cool and then use it to fill the cake.

How to prepare sugar paste

  • The first step
    • Mix sugar and starch well.
    • After mixing sugar and starch, you need to add rose water with honey.
  • The second step
    • Rub the mixture with your hands, until you get a pasty texture.
    • You need to consider whether the texture is good or dry, which needs more rose water or flower water, or a liquid that needs more sugar.
  • The third step
  • Separate the sugar paste into sections with the number of colors we want to use, and you should pay attention to choosing the amount allocated for each color.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring to each section of the dough, and knead it well, adding sugar if necessary.
  • Thus, the sugar paste is ready for use.

How to apply the cake

  • The first step
    • Once all the ingredients are ready and ready, the cake is removed from the mold.
    • With a large knife or a clean rope, cut the template evenly in the middle.
    • A cake mold can be divided into more than two halves.
  • The second step
    • The cake is filled with the prepared chocolate sauce, so that it is distributed between each layer of the cake and the next layer, and the layers of the cake will be put on until we form a complete mold again.
  • The third step
    • spread the sugar paste in the color we want; Until it is a little thick, no more than 5 mm, cover the mold with this dough, and then flatten it so that it is flat.
    • Remove the remaining pieces of sugar paste so that they can be used to make different pieces.
  • The fourth step
    • Decorate the cake tin in any way suitable to determine according to the occasion or according to taste.

How to Make a Rainbow Cake |

How to Make a Rainbow Cake |

The rainbow cake, one of the most popular forms of cake molds that has spread recently, while being considered one of the easiest cake recipes.

the ingredients

Cake Ingredients:

  • 2 cups flour.
  • 5 cups sugar.
  • 1 cup liquid milk.
  • 1 cup vegetable oil.
  • 3 eggs.
  • 2 tablespoons baking powder.
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla powder.
  • A few drops of food coloring of different colors: red, yellow, green, blue and violet.

cream ingredients

  • Ready to assemble cream.
  • 1 cup liquid milk.

How to prepare

How to make a cake

  • The first step
    • Mix the flour with the yeast and sift them, add the sugar and stir well.
  • The second step
    • Add the liquid milk and beat the mixture with a hand mixer or an electric mixer.
  • The third step
    • add eggs with vanilla; This is done while being baptized continuously.
  • The fourth step
    • Add the oil to the above mixture, and beat for a few more minutes, until you get a smooth, smooth texture.
  • Fifth step
    • The cake mixture should be divided into several sections, adding drops of the chosen food coloring to each section and beating each one individually.
  • Six passes
    • Preheat the oven to a temperature of 180-190 degrees Celsius.
    • Grease a baking tray with a little melted butter or vegetable oil.
    • Adding and spreading the cake mix of a specific color.
    • Bake this section of the cake individually for about 15-20 minutes.
    • Check the cake with a wooden stick.
    • Repeat this step from the beginning in all sections of the cake mixture, until they are all in the oven separately.

How to prepare the cream

  • only step
    • Whip the cream with a cup of milk a few minutes before using; This makes it rich and tasty.

How to apply the cake

  • The first step
    • After baking each section of the cake mixture, separate from the pan.
  • The second step
    • Add the cream between each layer of the cake and the next, paying attention to the arrangement of the layers of the cake.
  • The third step
    • Cover the mold with cream and flatten it with a clean knife.

Unique ways to decorate the cake

flower cake mold

First you have to prepare a mold according to the method of making the cake you prefer, and then watch the following video:

random colors

Unique ways to decorate the cake with natural colors

This type of cake mold decoration is suitable for holidays, birthdays and special occasions for young men and women; If the colors used are bright and contrasting colors, if bicycles of calm colors such as light blue and cyan, or gray are used, they will be suitable for all ages.

It is applied by dividing the amount of cream used into several sections and painting each section a specific color, and then covering the cake pan with this cream at random, and when the layer of colored cream settles, new ones will appear. colors as a result of mixing colors.

divergent circles

Distinctive ways to decorate the cake with contrasting circles

Contrasting circles, and this contrast is either in colors or sizes of circles or colors and sizes, and these types of cake molds are suitable for various occasions from celebrations or parties.

This type is applied by dividing the sugar paste into several sections and painting it with a few drops of food coloring of different colors and shades, and then cutting the dough into circles, either one size or different sizes, and then these circles will be applied. spread on the cake pan after covering it with a layer of sugar paste.

simple graphics

Unique ways to decorate the cake with simple drawings

Drawings are considered one of the most luxurious types of decoration used, and are suitable for wedding and birthday parties, most often using calm and specific colors such as gray, navy or chocolate (black or white). .

This type of cake is applied by coloring an amount of cream of a different color to the cake, or with chocolate sauce, so that it is placed in a bag of cream, and distributed on the cake mold. and drawing simple shapes after covering it with either cream or sugar paste.

fabric pattern

Unique ways to decorate the cake with fabric print

The fabric pattern has gained a lot of fame and popularity, as it gives a distinctive shape to the cake mold, and is considered one of the most suitable types of decoration for wedding molds, or molds consisting of several layers.

It is applied by covering the cake mold with sugar paste or almond paste, and then with a sharp knife forming certain patterns, such as leather patterns, squares or lines, and you can add some pieces of dark chocolate or white, which is the easiest; It does not need much coloring, but a layer of a calm color, and matches the color of the white sugar paste.

pieces of chocolate

A large percentage of cake molds are added to pieces of chocolate, white and dark chocolate are used, pieces of chocolate can be used in various desserts and even drinks such as mocha.

This type is applied by melting a quantity of raw chocolate cut into small pieces, and this is done with water vapor, that is, by placing the chocolate bowl on a pot with boiling water, and when the chocolate melts, s 'spread on a wide tray so that it is a little thick, and waiting for it to begin to solidify, then scrape to form chunks of chocolate, which are spread on the face of the cake pan.

The method of making cake with the above recipes and presenting it is one of the arts that require tenderness and taste, and therefore you can be creative when making a cake suitable for your occasions, in a way that it dazzles everyone, and with a taste that everyone likes, and all it takes to make sure it’s sticking to the ingredients and inventing more ideas, the question is very simple without any complexity.

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How to make a rainbow colored wedding cake with amazing ideas to decorate it


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