If you are looking for a delicious and luxurious recipe, of course you will find cream among the main ingredients, but what if you don’t have cream, or don’t want to add it because you’re a vegetarian or because you want to? reduce calorie and fat content! Then you will have to rely on alternatives to cream for cooking

You can’t remove the cream from the ingredients in these recipes, nor do you plan to cancel it altogether just for the cream, instead you’ll be relying on one of the following 10 cooking cream alternatives. Choose the one that suits you best. taste and pay attention to the notes!

Alternatives to cooking cream

There is no rule that tells you that there is no substitute for a particular ingredient in any recipe, especially cream! Each type of cream can add a different flavor to your recipe and ensure a delicious texture.

10 - Coconut cream

10 - Coconut cream

If you are allergic to lactose, that is, you cannot tolerate dairy, or if you are a vegetarian, coconut cream may be the best alternative to cooking cream, as it has a soft creamy texture and is vegetarian at the same time. and low in calories. .

You can find prepared coconut cream in many stores but it is not that difficult and you can make it yourself, just leave the coconut milk in the fridge overnight and in the morning when you take it out you will find that the liquid has separated from the creamy part and that is exactly what we want so she will empty the liquid and take the cream.

Coconut cream has a strong flavor with a bit of sweetness, so you can count on it in most recipes, but keep in mind that it can cause a change in flavor and the taste of coconut can appear clearly.

9 - Whole milk

9 - Alternatives to whole milk in cooking cream

The main factor in cream is fat, so you can substitute cream in the different recipes you prepare based on liquid milk, but it is preferable to rely on whole milk, as medium or skim milk will not have the same result. . .

In general, if you want to give milk a consistency close to that of cream, you have several options you can trust, any of them:

  • Add one or two tablespoons of cornstarch to the milk and mix well.
  • Add some flour to the milk if you want to cook the milk in the recipe.
  • You can give the milk a stronger taste and a higher fat content by adding cream or butter, and the amount you add depends on your preferences and the needs of the recipe you are working on.

8 - mashed potatoes

8 - mashed potatoes alternative to cream for cooking

Yes, it is mashed potatoes and what I read is absolutely correct! It is an excellent alternative to vegan cooking cream that is low in calories and at the same time can give a thick, creamy texture to any recipe to which you add mashed potatoes.

All you have to do is boil the potatoes and make sure they are well boiled, then peel and crush them, and here are two options: the first is to add salt if the recipe you are preparing is a main course. , and the second option is to add a little sugar if you are preparing a dessert recipe.

Each half cup of mashed potatoes contains approximately 100 calories plus 6 g of fat, 16 g of carbohydrates, about 3 g of dietary fiber, plus 2.5 g of sugars and protein.

The mashed potatoes may be ideal for a delicious creamy texture, but they won’t give a creamy flavor to the recipe so you can add a little butter.

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7 - Condensed milk or evaporated milk

7 - Alternatives of condensed milk or evaporated milk in cooking cream

From its name, it is a normal milk that is condensed by simmering until it becomes thicker and loses a percentage of water ranging from 50% to 60%.

It’s not a creamy texture that can be whipped up, but on the other hand it has a thick texture in addition to a concentrated milky flavor, so you can rely on most recipes that require cream as the main ingredient without any significant change the taste or texture of the recipe.

I noticed! You have to differentiate between condensed milk and sugary condensed milk that you can find in stores. The first does not contain sugar. It is only milk with little water content without sugar and suitable for cooking. The second is condensed milk, but it contains a amount of added sugar to give it a Sweet taste, and therefore suitable for dessert recipes.

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6 - oat cream

6 - Alternative oat cream to cooking cream

An alternative to cream for cooking, if you are a vegetarian or want to look away from dairy, is simply oats mixed with water and then filtered, so the result is a milk of thick consistency and a good percentage of fat.

You can easily find oat milk in many stores, and you can also prepare it at home by adding a cup of oats to 4 cups of water and then mixing the mixture in an electric mixer for 30 to 45 seconds.

Be careful, as increasing the beating time can make the mixture sticky. After mixing, filter the milk from the thick parts. It is preferable to use a filter cloth to get the best result. If you are working on preparing the soup , you can leave the oatmeal with the mixture unfiltered, this would provide nutritional value. Top for your recipe plus a great texture.

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5 - Half cream and half

5 - Half cream and half

What is half cream? It is a cream that consists of half the thick cream and half the milk cream, and is therefore a light cream in terms of texture and low in fat, as the percentage of fat in it does not exceed 12%.

It is an alternative to cream if you are preparing any type of sauce or soup, but if you want a cream with a thicker texture or higher fat content, this does not eliminate its reliability, but with some modifications!

In order to achieve a stronger taste and a higher fat content, you can whip the cream with a little butter, but if you want to ensure a thicker texture, add a little cornstarch or flour.

Half by half cream is a good choice, but it is not suitable for recipes where you need to cover cream, and even with the addition of starch, flour or butter, you will not beat like normal cream.

4 - Cashew cream

4 - Cashew cream

If you are interested in dairy-free cream and if you are looking for a cream rich in nutrients that your body needs and at the same time has a strong and rich taste and a creamy texture, do not miss the cashew. cream.

Cashew cream is a cream made with raw and unroasted cashews along with a lot of other ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

You can find cashew cream in some stores and you can also prepare it, you need to add a cup of raw and unroasted cashew for a few hours in half a cup of water, and then beat them with an electric mixer with 2 tablespoons of 'oliva. oil and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in addition to a pinch of salt, you can improve the flavor by adding a little crushed garlic or onion powder ...

Note: If the mixer you are using is strong and fast, you can avoid the risk of soaking the cashews for a few hours, but if the mixer is at medium speed, the soaking step will be very important.

3 - Cream Cheese

3 - Cream Cheese

When choosing alternatives to cooking cream, you will find strong cheeses and many types, as it not only guarantees a creamy texture, but is also able to give a delicious taste to any layer that is added. .

You can rely on cream cheese, which is a type of cheese made from milk with cream, and has a relatively thick consistency that you can use directly or you can soften it by adding a little whole milk.

The same goes for cottage cheese, which is a type of cheese made with cow’s milk and is characterized by being one of the most protein-rich cheeses, but beware! Some types are high in sodium and you should look for low in sodium if you are allergic to salt.

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2- Cream of milk or cream of Greek butter

2- Cream of milk or cream of Greek butter

Milk cream or skimmed Greek yogurt can be considered one of the most important alternatives to cooking cream and the most important in terms of its nutritional value. Milk is rich in proteins and bacteria that the body needs, in addition of its low caloric content.

Milk cream is available in all stores specializing in dairy products, you can find the types that contain an amount of added salt, and are the types that you can use in the kitchen, in addition to the types that do not contain any additives, and you they give a greater degree of use, either in desserts or in cooking. .

It may have a creamy texture suitable for direct use, but if you want to reduce it, you can add a little whole or skim milk, and as for the amount of milk you will add, what determines the final consistency you have . they want to get there.

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1 - milk powder

1 - milk powder

Did you realize that powdered milk alone could be the most important substitute for cooking cream? Yes, it is the alternative that has the best result in terms of rich taste and great control over texture! That is, you choose whether you want a thick or light cream texture.

All there is or you can add the powdered milk in a suitable dish and then leave it in the water and the amount you add to it, and remember that you will not add much to everything there are only a few tablespoons left, with good removal. so that the milk dissolves and we get a creamy texture.

If you want thick cream, you will add as little water as possible, and whenever you want a lighter cream texture you will add more water, etc. You can also add butter to get a stronger, richer and creamier flavor.

Remember to rely on flavorless, sugar-free milk powder if you’re preparing cream for cooking, and there’s no problem if you’re preparing cream for dessert.

Luckily! By relying on healthy alternatives, you will ensure a delicious taste and great texture in your recipe, while saving you a lot of calories and a lot of fat.


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