Dried mint has many uses in the kitchen and some recipes cannot be dispensed with, as it gives the food a distinctive flavor and taste.

And when it comes to drying green mint, you can use several methods that many people know, but there are people who do not know these methods or some of them, so we have chosen for you some ways in which you can dry mint to get a clean and prepared component in your kitchen, so come with us to learn how to dry mint:

How to dry mint

dried mint plant

Sunlight, shade, a fan, a microwave, an oven and many other methods can help dry the mint green.

Mint This valuable plant, which has many properties, has a pleasant smell and a pleasant taste, and is used in many foods such as soups, yogurts, salads and some popular recipes such as stuffed zucchini.

mint plant

Mint leaves give the best flavor before flowering, which is the best time to harvest them. It is best to harvest them early in the morning because they are fresh, leaving the mint root on the ground. just harvest one. third of the stem until the leaves reappear in a few days.

Mint is a warm and dry plant with many medicinal properties and can be consumed in various ways such as using its refreshing essential oils, fresh, dried or fermented leaves. It is a very refreshing aromatic plant widely used in cooking, creams, toothpastes. , chew. chewing gum, perfumes, sweets and natural insecticides.

Mint leaves

Mint is a common and widely used herb that is found mainly near bodies of water and grows year-round.

Mint leaves contain the highest amount of antioxidants compared to other plants. Mint oil also contains phenolic acids, phytosterols, saponins, triterpenes, flavonoids, carotenoids and anthocyanins.

Among the health benefits of mint and the properties of this herb is that it can be used to treat some diseases such as asthma, aid digestion, reduce respiratory disorders and strengthen the liver. Mint also guarantees oral health and is used to prevent. memory loss, healthy skin, depression and many other properties.

Mint is rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, iron and calcium along with vitamin C and vitamin A important for the repair and growth of skin cells, these vitamins and minerals are part of the cell wall of the circulatory system that are vital to life.

Mint is a pleasant-smelling, delicious-tasting vegetable. When summer arrives, most housewives buy these vegetables, dry them, and use them in the kitchen.

Before drying the mint

Wash mint leaves

Before drying the fresh mint leaves and using the mint drying method, some details need to be done for the success of the drying process:

  • When collecting the mint leaves together with the stem, they should be washed well to remove the dust. The mint stem can also be soaked in cold water for 10 minutes to remove the mud, the dirt and dust.
  • Separate the mint leaves from the stem.
  • Rotten and damaged black flowers and leaves should be removed from the mint stem.
  • Use cold water to rinse the mint, not hot, so that the leaves do not stick and stick.
  • After rinsing it well, spread it on a handkerchief or towel to remove excess water.

Green mint drying methods

There are several ways to dry mint, including:

How to dry mint in the shade:

  • Be sure to separate the leaves from the stem after washing the mint well with cold water.
  • Excess water should be removed by placing mint leaves on a towel to drain and dry well, and discard the water so that the mint is completely dry and does not have a drop of water, because if the mint leaves are wet, these leaves will turn black or yellow after drying.
  • When you have completely removed the water and you find that the mint leaves are no longer watered, spread them out again on a gauze, white handkerchief or large tray with a shape that is evenly distributed.
  • Place these leaves in a shady place away from sunlight so that they dry completely and become brittle, or else the leaves will rot when stored.
  • Mint leaves can take up to two days or more to dry, turning the leaves from time to time to allow them to dry completely.

How to microwave mint:

This method of drying mint is one of the fastest and easiest ways.

After washing the mint leaves and removing all the water, place them on a paper towel for the kitchen, which can be put in the microwave so that each leaf is separated from the others, then put it in the microwave and put it on. program at full power and leave for a minute and a half.

Every 10 seconds, open the microwave door and move the leaves and turn them to reach the fire.

One of the advantages of this method is that you will get dried green mint.

But this method needs time to dry the whole amount of mint leaves because every time you put a few mint leaves in the microwave.

In addition, high heat in the microwave will reduce the properties of mint.

How to dry mint with a fan:

In this way, to dry the mint, do not separate the leaves from the stem, but leave them on the stem, and then, after removing the excess water, spread the mint on a clean cloth.

Turn on the fan to the mint market and leave it like this for 10 to 12 hours, then take it out of the air for a whole day, then repeat the process until the mint leaves are completely dry.

This method takes two days for the mint to dry completely.

Also, you need to separate the dried mint leaves from the stem when they are dry and then crush them in the way mentioned below.

How to dry hanging mint:

This method of drying mint is one of the traditional methods of drying vegetables used by many housewives, as in this method you also need to have mint leaves still on the stem.

After you have cleaned the amount of mint you have, gather the mint stalks to form small bundles. Tie them with duct tape, a plastic rubber band or rope.

Hang the small pieces of mint on a rope with a clip or other tape to make sure it stays on the rope so that the leaves are upside down.

These packages should be away from sunlight, dust and in a place where there is a current of air to gradually dry the leaves.

Packets of mint should also be in a place whose temperature is between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius.

Hanging mint to dry it is one of the best ways, as mint will keep its good smell for a long time.

Mint takes 3 days to dry completely in a warm, dry environment.

This method helps to dry a lot of mint at once and keeps the leaves green.

How to dry mint in the oven:

In this method, the mint leaves dry very quickly and the leaves retain their green color.

  • After thoroughly cleaning the mint leaves and removing excess water, these leaves can be placed on the baking tray, but in such a way that the leaves are slightly separated from each other.
  • Turn the oven to 80 ° C and let it heat up completely, then turn off the oven and insert the tray where the mint leaves are spread.
  • Rotate the leaves every 5 or 6 minutes, until they are all dry.
  • When you find that the leaves are completely dry, remove them and place them on a clean, dry cloth and let them cool, meanwhile, repeat the same process to complete the remaining mint leaves.
  • This method takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the mint leaves to dry completely.
  • After you have completed the entire quantity, crush it as mentioned at the end of the item and store it in the correct way.

After drying the mint

dried mint

When you find that the mint leaves have dried completely and can break easily, you can grind them with an electric mixer or put these dried leaves in a metal strainer and put the filter in a larger bowl and crush the leaves. dry. hand until smooth and falling from the metal strainer into the bowl.

Crushing the dried mint leaves with an electric mixer will give you a completely fine dried mint, while crushing the mint leaves by hand will make the dried mint moderately thin and slightly thick.

Dried mint can be kept in glass jars away from air, moisture, sunlight and heat. Cover the jar well, because exposure to dried mint in the air or sunlight loses its its aroma.

You can also store dried mint in small packages so that it does not lose its properties and aroma as a result of opening the container each time.

Be sure not to leave any moisture on the dried mint as the moisture will make it rot.

How to prepare dried mint tea

dry mint tea

Boil a cup of water, and after the water boils well, remove from the heat and add a tablespoon of dried mint, cover the cup and let it heat up a bit.

Never boil the mixture and leave it covered so that odors and essential oils do not evaporate.

Add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to the mint tea to taste and drink it while hot.

You can drink a little mint tea several times a day.

Dried mint tea helps calm the mood and soothes digestive disorders, it also helps to relax and sleep peacefully, so be sure to drink a cup of mint tea before going to to sleep.


Every 1 kg of fresh green mint produces 50 grams of dried mint.

The mint dried in the shade stays green.

Drying the mint in the sun will make it dark green or the leaves will turn yellow and will not have that different smell.

Do not dry the mint hot, as the green mint leaves will turn black.

When dry mint is added to cooked foods, it should be fried a little to maintain its flavor and aroma.

Never use newspaper to spread mint on it, because lead will be absorbed by vegetables and become a toxic substance that is harmful to the body.


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