American coffee, in short, is the easiest type of espresso. All there is is espresso or fast coffee with a cup of boiling water, but this time what do you think follow the steps to prepare the American as are you preparing for the international? cafes and no coffee machine?

Well, of course, everything still depends on espresso or instant coffee in addition to the cup of boiling water, but the way to prepare the espresso this time is different and the way to mix the water with it is also different .

American coffee

American coffee

Making American coffee depends on passing water and penetrating the ground coffee on the way to the cup you choose, but what if there was no American machine? Do you stop drinking it or just pour water into the ground coffee and you’re done?

One last option is to follow the steps below to make a real American coffee.

the ingredients

  • 2 - 3 tablespoons espresso or instant coffee, very finely.
  • a cup of boiling water.
  • Filter layer (filter papers - kitchen towels ...).



We got to the fun part, are you ready for a good delicious coffee? So here are the steps, which depend on 3 stages:

1 - Filters

The filter can be a permeable sheet of paper, thick kitchen towels, or any other suitable object. The important thing is that it meets the basic conditions: that it is strong to withstand the presence of coffee and water on it, and that it has a low permeability. for espresso with water to pass through it before the water passes alone without the coffee.

The chosen filter is placed on the surface of a suitable cup and fixed firmly by resting on an elastic rubber, bearing in mind that we do not want to tighten it, but leave enough space for coffee and water. .

2 - coffee

Now, the ground coffee is placed on top of the filter layer, making sure it is placed in the middle so that all the amount of water passes through it.

3 - American coffee

The last stage, which is the preparation of American coffee, depends on the following steps:

  • Boiling water is poured over the coffee on the filter layer (care must be taken and be very careful not to have burns during this), and this is done quietly because we notice the drops of the American when it reaches the bottom of the cup , and so on until we get the required amount.
  • You can pour the coffee into the serving cup and then enjoy it like this, you can also add other ingredients that make it a completely different and very tasty cup, so choose from the following:
    • Whipped cream is added quietly without mixing it with coffee, and then you can add chocolate sauce with a few nuts.
    • Milk after beating at high speed, and you can decorate the cup by sprinkling a little fine cocoa over the milk.
    • You can add ice after the coffee has cooled.
    • If you prefer a sweet taste, you can sweeten the coffee with a tablespoon of sugar and vanilla or a little honey.

Making coffee the normal way can be very easy, just add water and stir, but make sure the coffee you are brewing and when it is done correctly is already a coffee with a different flavor, so don’t miss the opportunity to taste it, it's worth it. an attempt.

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American coffee ... This time it is prepared as in international cafes, but without machines


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