French coffee is one of the most famous types of coffee in the world! It's not about cream, caramel, or added milk, or foam, or chocolate, or even coffee beans ... It's about French coffee itself, the way it is handled with warmth and charm.

A cup of coffee can be a delicious and wonderful way to get caffeine, but French coffee is moments of happiness, relaxation and coffee taste! So what is this coffee? What are their types? What about a French press? And the coffee ingredients used?

What is French coffee?

What is French coffee?

French coffee tastes strong, concentrated and a little bitter, but what exactly is this coffee?

French coffee is not a specific type of coffee bean, nor a specific blend, nor a special style and is not limited to that coffee made with a French coffee press ... In short, French coffee is none of this!

French coffee is not based on flavors, taste and preparation, it is the experience of enjoying the same coffee sitting in a quiet place or in a cafe and enjoying your coffee in peace while watching the world go by .

In a sense, French coffee is a culture that is based more on the way the French enjoy their cup of coffee than on the coffee itself.

Is French coffee the same as the French press?

The French press, or its name, will make you think that French coffee is based entirely on it, but to some extent this is not true!

The beginning of the French press was invented by two Frenchmen, specifically in 1853, and in 1928 two people from Italy had developed the French press to adapt to the form and mechanism it currently has.

In France, you can find a coffee press at home, and you may find it in coffee shops, but you rarely trust it! This is because the method of brewing French coffee is different, as it depends on providing a quick and easy cup of espresso or any of its other types.

If you are looking for a barista in France, you may find it difficult, and you will rarely find cafes that prepare coffees of different types, as is the case in Italy ... Making French coffee is easy!

French coffees

If you’re in a French cafe, one of the things you shouldn’t expect is the menu or coffee dish, there’s often nothing that shows the details and ingredients of French coffee! But don’t worry, because we’ve picked up for you the 6 most important French coffees, and we’ll tell you some details about them and their ingredients and compare them to the types of coffee you know.

1 - French Coffee a Café

1 - French Coffee a Café

The most popular drink in France and in the world is espresso coffee with a strong and intense flavor, which is usually served in small and short cups, and of course you can order more, more than one cup.

2- Decaffeinated coffee

2- Decaffeinated coffee

By its name, it is a coffee made with coffee beans processed in a certain way, which loses most of the caffeine that is there (up to 90% caffeine and more) and is suitable for people who love the coffee but cannot tolerate caffeine. so that they can drink less than 10% of the natural caffeine content.

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3 - French latte, Café au Lait

3 - French latte, Café au Lait

It is the version of French coffee that is closest to a latte, but with a larger amount of milk, and is usually made with pressed coffee, that is, coffee brewed with a coffee press. This coffee can be a good choice with a French coffee. to have breakfast.

French coffee is made with milk by adding evaporated milk to French press coffee.

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4 - Coffee Cream

4 - Coffee Cream

It's the French version of cappuccino and it looks a lot like it! Consisting of an espresso with cream plus a lot of foam, this coffee is also suitable for breakfast and is not usually taken after eleven in the morning.

French cream coffee is made by adding rich cream to an espresso and then adding a lot of soft milk foam.

5 - French coffee with hazelnuts Café Noisette

5 - French coffee with hazelnuts Café Noisette

It is the most delicious and distinctive type of coffee, somewhat similar to an Italian macchiato, and consists mainly of espresso or French piston, plus a small amount of milk or hot cream.

That's all! Where are the nuts? French hazelnut coffee gets its name from the color and not from the ingredients or taste, adding a little hot milk or cream will make it color like hazelnuts ... It's a deceptive coffee right!

So the French coffee method with hazelnuts with milk does not include nuts, there is only coffee, either espresso or pressed, in addition to a small amount of milk or cream.

6 - French coffee with French press

6 - French coffee with French press

It is the coffee made with the French press, and then you will know all the details.

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French coffee press

Using a coffee press is very simple! And if you follow the right steps, you will get a coffee that tastes wonderful and more delicious than you imagine.

French press

French press

The coffee press is a pressure vessel that is prepared relying on coffee without having to rely on paper filters or making coffee ... and this is what makes it one of the easiest ways to prepare it, and it basically consists of:

  • The pot or beaker where you put both coffee and water.
  • The base on which the bowl rests on the table.
  • The handle, which is made of a design and material that makes it safe in the hands, does not cause burns.
  • Lid and filters, which are of various degrees of finesse.
  • piston or piston.

Types of French press

Types of French press

Before you start with the steps, you need to know the right way to choose the right coffee piston and, in general, you can rely on the following points:

  • If you are going to use a coffee press to make coffee just for you or for you and a friend or family member, you can rely on small coffee presses, which usually have a capacity of 3-4 cups.
  • If you need to brew a larger amount of coffee regularly, you can rely on a large coffee handler.
  • If you want to maintain the temperature of the coffee for a longer period or if you live in a cold place, you can rely on the metal piston of the coffee, which is more durable and able to maintain the temperature of the coffee inside.
  • The electric coffee press is a press that is responsible for heating the water, preparing the coffee and maintaining its temperature once its preparation is complete.

Secrets of French press coffee

Secrets of French press coffee

At first glance, it will be very simple, all here is to put the ground coffee, then add water, then count to the number 10 and then press the coffee piston, but that's it!

In fact, there are more secrets that can guarantee the best coffee, and these secrets depend on the ingredients of French coffee and a certain precision in the implementation of the steps.

1 - The amount of ground coffee beans - the thickness of the coffee

The amount of ground coffee beans plays a very important role, excessive grinding can cause the fine coffee to pass through the filter, this means that your coffee will contain a larger amount of annoying beans in addition to giving it a bitter taste. , so it is preferable to grind medium.

How is the right amount of grinding determined? I can’t tell you that a specific grind is ideal in itself, it just depends on how fine the filter is within the grind you use.

2- The ratio of coffee to water

While French coffee is tolerant of these details, there are rules that will guarantee you the most delicious French coffee, namely:

piston size Degree of coffee concentration required Amount of ground coffee (spoon) Amount of ground coffee (grams) the amount of water
3 cups moderate medium concentrate 4 tablespoons 5 tablespoons 6 tablespoons 22 g 30 g 35 g 350 ml
4 cups moderate medium concentrate 5 tablespoons 7 tablespoons 8 tablespoons 31 g 42 g 50 g 500 ml
6 cups moderate medium concentrate 7 tbsp 10 tbsp 12 tbsp 44 g 59 g 71 g 700 ml
8 cups moderate medium concentrate 10 tablespoons 14 tablespoons 17 tablespoons 63 g 84 g 101 g 1000 ml
12 cups moderate medium concentrate 16 tablespoons 21 tablespoons 25 tablespoons 94 g 126 g 151 g 1500 ml
The proportion of coffee to water

3 - Water temperature

Water temperature is the key that ensures that the perfect flavor is extracted from the coffee beans within the specified duration.

The ideal water temperature for adding coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit (about 90 degrees Celsius), but what if you don’t have a thermometer, what should you do? In this case, put the water on the fire until it boils, then remove it from the heat and let it cool for only 90 seconds.

4 - The temperature of the coffee piston

Water temperature is important and you’re good at it, but what if you put hot water in the bowl of a cold coffee press? Of course, it will cool down and you will lose the ideal water temperature.

Therefore, the coffee piston must be heated first. How to do? This is done by putting hot water in the plunger, waiting a few moments, and then emptying it, before completing the French coffee brewing steps.

5- The type of coffee used

It is preferable to rely on fresh, high-quality, medium-roasted coffee beans, and also on thick ground espresso beans.

Steps to use the French press

Steps to use the French press

We have reached the important part, are the steps to prepare the piston coffee, and this coffee, in turn, can be eaten and enjoy its taste directly, or you can rely on it as an ingredient within the components of French coffee d 'other types.

  • Prepare the ingredients for French coffee: grind the coffee well (between medium and coarsely ground) - heat the water to the perfect temperature - measure and weigh the ingredients and take the right proportion.
  • Heat the pan of the plunger by applying hot water and then drain it.
  • Put the water in the bowl of the plunger, then the coffee beans, stir them a little, then put the lid on and wait 4 minutes.
  • Slowly press the plunger, making sure to press it down or the coffee beans will come back.
  • Pour the brewed coffee into a suitable cup.
  • Enjoy your delicious French coffee.

Make your coffee ... Sit in a quiet place and enjoy the French coffee.


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