Some people are obsessed with coffee and already have all the tools and equipment needed to prepare different types of coffee, however, there are those who want to drink a cup of coffee without making much fuss ... then Nescafe is the best and better option, but what is the difference between coffee and Nescafé? And which one should you take?

Roast and grind coffee beans and then make coffee from them or empty the contents of the envelope into your cup of coffee and then add water and you're done? Normal coffee or instant coffee?

What is the difference between coffee and Nescafe?

What is the difference between coffee and Nescafe?

The beginning is of the same coffee beans, but in the end we will be normal coffee and Nescafé or instant coffee! Both coffee and Nescafe are very popular, more than half of coffee lovers prefer fast coffee, but what is the difference between coffee and Nescafe? Is coffee better than Nescafé or vice versa?

10 - The amount of caffeine in Nescafe and coffee

The amount of caffeine can be considered the most important difference between Nescafe and coffee! Caffeine is a stimulant substance that has many health benefits in terms of heart, brain and immunity. On the other hand, large amounts can be life-threatening, especially if you are allergic to caffeine.

Normal coffee contains a large amount of caffeine, up to 145 mg per cup, however, the amount of caffeine in Nescafe is much lower, up to 65 mg per cup, and in decaffeinated types (coffee d) the amount of caffeine not to exceed 15 mg per cup.

The daily amount of caffeine allowed is 3 mg per 1 kg of your weight, which means that if you weigh 5 kg, the maximum daily amount of caffeine is 50 * 3 = 150 mg grams.

This amount is average and therefore may be lower for people who are sensitive to caffeine and may be more than that for people who are more intolerant to caffeine.

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9 - Antioxidants between coffee and Nescafé

You can imagine the importance of antioxidants by understanding the effect of oxidation. The story begins with free radicals, which are voracious oxygen molecules that go into oxidative reactions with living cells and leave them damaged by deoxygenating them.

The effect is like leaving an apple cut in the air for a while to return to it after a while and finding that it has turned brown because it has been exposed to oxidation reactions, i.e. it destroys, and the same effect on cells and internal organs, of course, is more visible on the skin and is represented by wrinkles and various problems ... Here comes the importance of antioxidants, as they protect from the danger and impact of free radicals.

Coffee is one of the most important sources of antioxidants, as it ranks 11th among the 100 richest foods and beverages out there, but the question remains about the difference between coffee and Nescafé for the amount of 'antioxidants!

Although during the process of making and storing Nescafé, coffee beans lose some of the antioxidants they contain, but this amount is very limited, and therefore you can rest easy and enjoy coffee and reap its benefits in all its benefits. shapes and types.

8- The difference in the taste of Nescafé and coffee

There are a number of factors that affect the taste of coffee and Nescafé, starting with the type and quality of coffee beans used, to the method of brewing, storage and brewing ... But in general, the taste of different types of coffee. coffee and Nescafe is as follows:

  • Normal coffee is distinguished by its dependence on the best types of coffee beans, as well as being fresh, which means that it still retains the perfect taste of coffee.
  • Nescafe Gold: A blend of high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans that are grown only in the high mountains, making it the tastiest type of Nescafe.
  • Nescafe Classic: It usually consists of high quality Robusta beans grown on the plains and mountains and has a clear, clear coffee taste.
  • Nescafé 2 in 1: It has a good taste of coffee, texture and a rich taste of matte coffee It is ideal if you are a fan of cream or Nescafé with milk.
  • Nescafé 3 in 1: It is characterized by the taste and texture of Nescafé 2 in 1, but with sweetness as a result of its sugar content.
  • Nescafe de Caffe (no caffeine) retains the taste of coffee in large proportion, especially in the case of high quality Nescafe.

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7 - How to prepare coffee and Nescafé

The basis of the difference between coffee and Nescafé is the method of preparation! For a quick coffee, just empty the contents of the envelope, add hot water and stir, watching a few points:

  • The temperature of the water, which should be 90 degrees Celsius, and in the absence of a thermometer, you can get there by boiling the water and then taking it out of the fire and waiting 30-40 seconds.
  • Wait 30 seconds before stirring the water and the nescafé to guarantee the best result in terms of taste and foam ...

As for normal coffee, it is necessary to prepare for longer and more accurately, in addition to tools and equipment such as the French coffee press, the paper filter, or even espresso machines ... You can find out about the types of coffee through: the components of Nescafé, cappuccino and the 25 types of coffee drinks

6- Save both coffee and Nescafé

Both the coffee and the different types of Nescafé must be stored in healthy and correct conditions, in a dry place and in an airtight container, preferably made of glass or plastic (inert material that does not interact with the food it contains), and to preserve the flavor, it is preferable to store it in a cool place.

This is on similar points, but what about the difference between coffee and Nescafé? The difference lies in how long it can be stored while maintaining the same taste of coffee.

  • Normal coffee, that is, fresh or roasted coffee beans, loses its flavor in a shorter period than Nescafé and can therefore be stored for 3-5 months.
  • On the other hand, the types of instant coffee or Nescafe can be stored for up to two years, but it is important to check the date of production and the shelf life indicated on the package or envelope.
  • As for Arab coffee, it depends not only on coffee beans, but also on other ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon and others ...

5- The cost between normal coffee and Nescafé

In terms of cost, the difference between Nescafe and coffee does not depend on whether the coffee is coffee and Nescafe is Nescafe! Rather, there are many factors that play a role.

First, the quality, of course, Nescafe or high quality coffee will be more expensive than the lower quality, in addition to the type of coffee, Arabica beans are more expensive than Robusta beans, these points are apply to both. Nescafe and coffee.

There are points of difference, the cost of Nescafe depends on the ingredients: Nescafe Gold - Nescafe Classic - Nescafe D Caffe, and the additions: Coffee Mate - Milk, either cow's milk or vegetable milk ... - Sugar - Chocolate - New butter ...

As for regular coffee, the equipment and tools to prepare it can be a bit expensive, especially if the equipment is similar to those in cafes, on the other hand, the components of Arabic coffee such as cardamom, the ginger, cinnamon, among others. themselves and their cost varies according to quality.

4 - Uses of coffee and Nescafé

Do you end up making coffee and Nescafe and eating it like that? Of course not, there are many uses where you can enjoy all the different coffee drinks.

  • As for Arab coffee, there are many types and many ingredients, some of which only depend on coffee and some of them need cardamom, cinnamon and even rose water ...
  • As for regular coffee, it is the basis of all the other types of coffee you can trust, such as espresso, add milk, sugar, matte coffee, caramel and many more ...
  • For Nescafe or fast coffee, at Cant Black, you can rely on it as a base for all other types of coffee, but if it’s 2 in 1 or 3 in 1, you can make types of coffee that contain milk and sugar.

3- Calories in coffee and Nescafé

In general, coffee and Nescafé are not considered a rich source of many calories, coffee itself is almost free of them, as it contains no more than 7 calories per cup, and the amount of calories depends on the additives.

  • Normal coffee or black Nescafe contains between 3 and 7 calories per cup.
  • Whole milk contains between 150 and 180 calories per cup, while medium-fat milk has about 120 calories and vegetable milk between 70 and 90 calories.
  • A matte coffee contains 20 calories per tablespoon, and a cup of Nescafé needs 2 tablespoons, and therefore 40 calories.
  • Sugar contains about 16 calories in a tablespoon.
  • Nut butter contains 40-60 calories per tablespoon (depending on the type).

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2- Feeling hungry and full after coffee and Nescafé

The difference between coffee and Nescafe in this regard also depends on the additives and how they are taken, and the following points may clarify the issue and the effect.

  • Coffee suppresses appetite, thanks to its strong flavor along with caffeine that keeps you energized, so you won’t feel the need for food to replenish energy.
  • Adding healthy protein and fat to coffee improves the feeling of satiety because bringing them together at a meal works to reduce the hunger hormone and stimulate the satiety hormone.
  • Sugars in all their forms: sugar - caramel - corn syrup - syrup ... It raises the blood sugar level and then lowers it quickly, which causes a state of hunger and desire to eat carbohydrates.
  • Adopting many high-calorie, high-sugar ingredients turns your cup of coffee into a high-calorie, high-fat meal and increases the feeling of hunger.

1 - How do you choose between coffee and Nescafé?

Now that you see the difference between coffee and Nescafé, how can you compare them and what should you trust? In fact, there is no rule that determines it, for the above differences and depending on what suits you, you can choose.

  • You can drink any type of coffee as long as you do not exceed the limits of caffeine and calories.
  • You can count on the types of coffee available in terms of ingredients, cost and tools.
  • The most important thing is to choose the right type of coffee for you and what you want to drink.
  • It is preferable to find a balance between your cup of coffee and what you eat with it. If it is high in calories, you can rely on black coffee and vice versa.

As for coffee and Nescafé, there is neither white nor black, not even gray ... There is dark brown and beige ... There is what you like and what suits you, and there are some differences and similarities.


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The difference between coffee and Nescafe ... Here are the 10 differences between them


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