Dates have a place in our Arabic dishes, in addition to the huge benefits it guarantees, in addition to their characteristic flavor, and what they add to any dish that is included in their ingredients, so the date cake method can be the most delicious. and the easiest cake without a doubt, as it depends on the dates and does not need an oven and is very different from the types of cake.

What are the ingredients and method of the date cake, and what are the most important notes and things to pay attention to to ensure the success of this cake, and what are the ideas that really make it in the most delicious and beautiful cake mold? Here is everything below.

Date cake method

Method and ingredients

  • Preparation time: 20 minutes.
  • Baking time: 0 minutes.
  • Total time 20 minutes.
  • Time in the fridge: a few hours (depending on the time available).

the ingredients

  • 3 boxes of simple cookies or chocolate chip cookies (as you wish), you can also rely on oatmeal cookies.
  • 500 grams of date paste (Ajwa).
  • A tablespoon of espresso powder or Nescafé.
  • spoonful of hot water.
  • ¼ cup of soft, salt-free butter.
  • A bar of raw dark chocolate (you can use milk chocolate or sugary chocolate).
  • Half a cup of sweetened condensed milk or cream (to taste).
  • For the decoration: fruit (strawberry - kiwi - berries - pineapple ...) - chocolate - nuts and others, to choose to taste.


  • You can choose between finely or medium-sized cookies (preferably depending on the size of the average cookie).
  • Mix the water well with the espresso.
  • Add the date paste to the cookies with the espresso prepared in the previous step.
  • Add the butter after cutting into small cubes.
  • Mix the ingredients and knead them well until you get a mixture of the consistency of a cohesive dough and with a good distribution of ingredients.
  • In a suitable tray or cake pan, first spread a sheet of parchment paper, and you can also spread it with a little butter, and then put the date cake dough in the mold by pressing well until to stick.
  • We leave it in the fridge for a few hours, and in the meantime we prepare the chocolate sauce.
  • The chocolate sauce is prepared by cutting the chocolate bar into smaller pieces.
  • Put the cream or milk on low heat, and when the cream heats up, add the chocolate while stirring so that it melts completely.
  • Take the cake out of the fridge, separate it from the mold and place it on the appropriate plate.
  • And pour the chocolate sauce over it after waiting a while for it to cool, and then decorate it with chunks of fruit, nuts or chocolate (as you like), and that’s how the date cake method ends.


In addition to the above method of date cake, the following ideas can ensure that it looks beautiful and has a new taste.

  • You can make a date cake by placing it in small cupcake cups instead of in a mold.
  • You can replace the chocolate sauce by covering the cake with a paste prepared with date paste, butter and a little cardamom.
  • You can adjust the amounts as you like, such as adding more cookies or more dates.
  • You can add cocoa to the date cake mix, and in this case you can decorate by sprinkling a little.

I can’t wait before I go to the kitchen and follow this method of date cake and then wait while it’s in the fridge and finally eat it, this time and even though it’s short, waiting for the cake is hard, but it’s well worth the sorry. .

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Date cake method ... dates but with cookies, coffee and chocolate


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