The method of making espresso coffee can be based on two steps: the first is to put a tablespoon of instant coffee (espresso powder) in the cup and then add boiling water and stir gently and well so you can have your coffee with a piece. of cookies or chocolate, but is that all? of course not.

So why not follow the way of making espresso but this time not any coffee but about its origins, how? First, familiarize yourself with the espresso machine and how to use it, then the steps to make the coffee from it, and at the end, you can choose the delicious addition you prefer and you’re done.

How to use an espresso machine

How to use an espresso machine

Many people think that an espresso pot is difficult to use and requires the experience of a barista, but the method is very simple, making making espresso with it very fun and easy.

espresso machine

As in the picture, the espresso machine consists of 3 layers: the bottom is for water, the second (in the form of a slide) is the coffee filter where the ground espresso is placed and finally the layer superior, which has an exact appearance. like a pitcher, it’s where you finally get the espresso.

How to use

The water is placed in the bottom layer (bowl of water), then we put the ground espresso in the middle layer (the coffee filter), and then we install the pieces in the correct way and put it in medium heat, and after the water begins to boil, it will move as a result of the rise of the steam and so it will pass through the filter and reach the layer. Finally, the espresso is ready.

How to make espresso

How to make espresso 1

Are you ready to make an espresso and have the most delicious cup of coffee? So here are the ingredients and the steps.

the ingredients

  • An amount of water (so that it does not reach the hole intended for steam).
  • A quantity of espresso or instant ground coffee to fill the entire filter layer.


  • The water is poured into the water chamber and then the espresso is placed in the layer designated for this purpose, and then the machine parts are installed.
  • Put the pot medium (to get the best result, you have to rely on the medium heat and not rush and raise the heat).
  • Wait until the water boils and moves between the water chamber and the filter until it reaches the espresso chamber.
  • Then remove from the heat and pour the espresso into the cup, so that the steps are completed and you can enjoy your coffee.

Additions and delicious ideas

Additions and delicious ideas

What do you think makes this cup different? In fact, you can only enjoy the taste of espresso, but some delicious ingredients and toppings can make it more enjoyable, and you can choose from:

  • Beat a small amount of milk on high speed and then add the foam or smoothie to the espresso.
  • Prepare the whipping cream as usual, then add it to the cup without moving and spread a quantity of grated chocolate (black, milk or white).
  • Wait for the coffee to cool and then add ice cubes.
  • You can also add any sauce you prefer: caramel sauce - chocolate sauce.

This is how the espresso method is made, and this is how your cup of coffee is ready, so all you have to do is grab it and enjoy its delicious taste with or without the toppings.

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How to make espresso, but this time based on the espresso machine


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