Do you drink tea with added sugars? For most people, the answer is yes. Whether that means adding a teaspoon of white sugar to a cup of black tea or drinking iced sugary tea, most teas are served with sweeteners.

But when we read about the history of tea, additives like sugar and milk are recent developments. In fact, traditional tea represents thousands of years of effort, all dedicated to cultivating leaves of good taste. Over time, tea growers and artisans have transformed the tea from a medicinal herb into a popular daily drink loved around the world.

However, we understand the need to include one or two teaspoons of sugar in breakfast tea. Not all teas can be as tasty as those produced by traditional tea makers, and we are used to expect sweetness. However, we believe it is worth trying the benefits of sugar-free tea, and today we have five good reasons to try it.

Benefits of sugar-free tea

Tea is a natural and healthy remedy

Almost any type of tea has nutritional and antioxidant benefits, but additives such as sugar and milk can affect these natural benefits. The sugar in any drink adds free calories and studies have shown that added milk even from non-dairy sources effectively reduces the health benefits of tea.

But once you get used to sweetening the tea, it can be hard to stop it, especially if your favorite drink comes in a mass-produced tea bag from the grocery store. Instead, try switching to a completely different type, an ideal, high-quality option that is easy to prepare without bitterness. This way you will feel comfortable drinking tea even without the additives.

Avoid the rush effect

We all know the sensation of a sugar fever followed shortly after a sudden drop in energy levels and the need to drink another cup of sugary tea as a tonic. Instead of falling victim to this effect, let this caffeinated natural tea blend provide you with concentrated energy throughout the day.

L-theanine is one of the beneficial compounds found in tea that has been shown to reduce stress, induce relaxation and improve sleep. In addition to increasing the energy of caffeine (which is a natural ingredient in all traditional teas), L-theanine combined with caffeine can increase cognitive performance while preventing the rampant effect of a fever. sugar.

Saving money

Handmade loose leaf tea may seem like an advantage for savings, but quality teas can be obtained at reasonable prices. Whole tea leaves without added flavors can be prepared several times, which means that each of these daily servings will produce at least 3 full cups of drinking tea.

But adding sugar to our tea comes at an additional cost that we may have to save a bit by buying a lower quality tea.

Simplifies the brewing process

Making a cup of tea should be easy, but adding sugar or milk can make it difficult. Instead, avoid sugar and try tea bags with high quality leaves.

In general, the better the quality of tea leaves, the easier it will be to prepare. Teas chosen in the spring generally have more natural sugars and fewer bitter-tasting compounds. Even mass-produced tea bags can be improved simply by paying attention to maceration time and water temperature. Skip the sugar for better fermentation and flavor.

Taste the tea

In the end, we recommend giving up sugar because it hides the taste of tea, which is why we are all here, after all, the wide variety of flavors in the world of tea goes back to subtle differences in growing conditions, variety of tea plant, date of harvest and method of manufacture, which combine to create the taste of tea And all these flavors can be completely lost when sugar is used. Drinking a sugar-free tea is the key to appreciating and enjoying the wonderful flavors of tea.

Have you tried to enjoy the taste or benefits of tea without sugar or sweeteners, we invite you to share your experience with us.

Learn about the benefits of sugar-free tea


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