Summer means eating a lot of delicious ice cream, though, and if you get tired of eating it and don’t want to eat it in a paper cup or between two cookies, is there no other recipe? Of course there is ... It's an ice cream cake and here are 3 easy, quick and super delicious recipes that will change the concept of ice cream.

All you need is the type of ice cream you prefer and you can add nuts, fruit, cream or a combination of all of them, and the following recipes will tell you exactly what to make and how to make an ice cream cake.

3 - Ice cream sandwich cake

Ice cream cookie sandwich cake

the ingredients

  • Ice cream sandwich with chocolate, vanilla or fruit (as desired).
  • The cream is prepared by baptizing it with a few drops of milk or water.
  • Half a cup of sugar with half a cup of water plus a tablespoon of lemon juice to prepare the caramel.
  • Nuts (as desired).


  • First, prepare the caramel by mixing sugar with water in a suitable saucepan and putting it on the fire, when the mixture starts to boil, wait for it to thicken, then add lemon juice and remove from the heat and wait for it to cool.
  • We put the sheets of butter in the cake pan to make it easy to separate the ice cream cake from the mold.
  • Half of the ice cream sandwich is chopped into a mold as a first layer, then spread an appropriate amount of cream, then some caramel and nuts, and repeat the matter in several layers (as desired).
  • Leave the mold in the fridge for a few hours and then take it out and separate the cake and serve immediately.

2 - Ice cream cake with layers of chocolate and vanilla

Chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream

the ingredients

  • A normal biscuit prepared in advance with chocolate, vanilla or any type of cake you like.
  • The cream is prepared by whipping it with a few drops of milk or water with a few crushed cookies.
  • Ice cream with vanilla and chocolate flavors.

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  • The cake is cut with a clean thread into slices a few millimeters thick.
  • The cream is whipped with well-crushed cookies (no cookies can be added either).
  • In the cake pan, first spread a sheet of parchment paper, then put the first layer of slices of cake that we cut, and then spread a quantity of vanilla ice cream.
  • We go back and put another layer of cake, then ice cream, and this time with chocolate, and repeat the order in number of layers according to the number of slices of cake, but alternating the two types of ice cream.
  • Cover the surface of the ice cream cake with cream, leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then serve.

1 - How to make an ice cream cake with a layer of cookies

Ice cream with layer of cookies

the ingredients

  • Cookies with vanilla or chocolate.
  • Ice cream of the taste you like best.
  • The chocolate sauce is prepared by melting a chocolate bar and adding the same amount of sweetened condensed milk.
  • Slices of marshmallow to garnish.


The cake consists mainly of a layer of cookies, then a layer of ice cream and then a layer of chocolate sauce and marshmallows.

  • The layer of cookies is prepared by crushing the cookies very fine and mixing it with a little ice cream so that we get the consistency of a crumbled dough, and then we put this dough in the cake pan with a little pressure.
  • Then pour the ice cream over this layer, and leave the mold in the fridge for a few hours, and meanwhile prepare the sauce.
  • The sauce is prepared by cutting the chocolate bar into small pieces and melting it in the microwave, then adding the sweetened condensed milk and beating well.
  • We take the cake mold out of the fridge and spread the sauce and then the marshmallows, and so the method of making the ice cream cake ends.

That's how the recipes for making an ice cream cake ended ... and now it's up to you, which ones will you start and what will be your first recipe? Share with us the result, the chosen recipe and your opinion after eating it.

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Is the temperature high? Too boring? So the solution is to eat an ice cream cake


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