While breast milk provides your baby with enough nutrition in the first few days of life, after a few months it is not enough to rely on it to fatten and feed your baby.

And if you notice that your child has trouble feeding for example (not gaining weight as expected), despite the combination of breastfeeding and the benefits it contains for the child's body and other foods, in addition to vitamins and minerals, you need to make a diet. follow Healthy recipes and preparing to fatten your child, if you are interested, here are some recipes as follows:

Fatten your child with the potato cheese recipe

Recipes to help you fatten your child

the ingredients

  • a potato.
  • Five pieces of cheese.
  • Carrot bean.


  • Put the cheese and a cup of water in a pot on the fire to melt the cheese.
  • Then cut the potatoes and carrots into slices.
  • Add the potato slices and carrots to the pot, boil them well, then put the mixture in the blender with a little boiling water, mix well, and when the mixture cools, serve it to your son.

Sesame ring recipe

To help fatten your child, you should use this wonderful recipe, which is:

the ingredients

  • Cup of sesame.
  • Arena Cup.
  • Cup of almond jelly.
  • A cup of sweet chickpeas.


  • Crush the ingredients, then mix well.
  • Put the mixture in a container or airtight jar.
  • Add two tablespoons of honey to enhance the taste of the mixture (honey is optional).
  • Keep it out of the fridge.
  • Feed your baby four teaspoons a day.

Sesame honey recipe

Adding honey to the recipes presented to the child is one of the foods that most help to fatten and nourish your child and immunize him from diseases.

the ingredients

  • Four tablespoons of honey.
  • Cup of sesame.
  • Four tablespoons of sugar.


  • Roast the sesame seeds on the fire until golden.
  • Then put the sesame and sugar in a blender and mix well.
  • Then add honey and mix until the mixture is smooth.
  • Put it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge.
  • Give your child ten tablespoons daily or add ten tablespoons to a glass of milk, which is best for easy ingestion.

Note: Honey should not be added to the baby’s diet until one year of age, due to the presence of microorganisms that cause food poisoning.

rice water recipe

Recipes to help you fatten your child

Fatten your child by eating rice water, which is one of the most famous recipes known among mothers:

the ingredients

  • Half a cup of rice
  • two cups of water

How to prepare the recipe

  • Wash the rice well and quickly so that it is clean of impurities and does not lose some of the starch during washing.
  • Put the rice and water in a pot on the fire and wait for the mixture to boil.
  • Reduce heat until rice is cooked through.
  • Filter it and give the filtered water to the baby from the second month, because it is a supplement to breast milk or formula.

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How to make rice milk for children, especially for children who are allergic to milk

Fig and anise recipe

This recipe, despite its effectiveness in fattening your baby, is not known among many mothers, especially those who are new to motherhood.

the ingredients

  • 4 figs.
  • a glass of milk;
  • 2 tablespoons anise.

How to prepare the recipe

  • Mix the figs with milk and grind well.
  • Then add anise.
  • Leave them for an hour.
  • Filter the mixture and give it to your child on an empty stomach daily.

Fenugreek and dates recipe

This recipe is one of the very effective recipes for fattening your child because it contains fenugreek known for its strong effectiveness in feeding children and increasing their weight.

the ingredients

  • 5 grains of dates.
  • spoonful of fenugreek.
  • A cup and a half of water.

How to prepare the recipe

  • Remove the core from the dates.
  • Put dates with fenugreek and water.
  • Boil them and then filter them.
  • Use it to make baby milk.

This video contains recipes for soaking dates for a baby and the valuable benefits of milk with dates for babies

Drinks to whet the appetite of children and fatten your child


Anise works to whet children’s appetite and improve digestion because it contains volatile oils, so boil a tablespoon of anise with a cup of water and give the child morning and evening.

the ring

It increases weight and increases blood, and contains fiber so it prevents constipation, offers a fenugreek drink to your child from the age of two.


It acts as an appetite suppressant and tonic, and this helps to eat large amounts of food, and also stimulates bile which improves digestive enzymes thanks to its delicious taste.


It works to whet the appetite and boost immunity, spread a tablespoon of it over the food before serving it to your child.

And this video contains a way to make a juice that whets your child’s appetite and increases weight naturally. It is worth a try because it is very effective

Useful tips for fattening your baby

  • sharing food with other children or family; Because this causes your child to eat a lot of food by imitating them and changing their psychology by seeing others eat with him.
  • Add cinnamon to mashed potatoes when serving to your baby.
  • Offer snacks between meals.
  • When serving food to your child, serve it in bowls with a nice shape.
  • Add mashed vegetables, fruits and minced meat to the food.
  • Add one or two tablespoons of butter, cream or cheese to your main meal daily.

Because our children are the apple of our eye, we need to take care of everything that worries them, and because the health of our children is the most important thing we have in mind at all times, prepare these recipes to try when gaining weight. your child and the result you will love.

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Recipes to help you fatten your child


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